Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bubble and Squeak

Well I guess you all know how to make bubble and squeak, so this is just a post to remind you how good it is.

 This goes back to my childhood days when we all knew that on Monday evening dinner was going to be bubble and squeak with whatever meat was left over from the Sunday roast, what better way is there to use up the leftover veg.

 The traditional way is to mash and fry the veg. but what’s to say you can’t just fry the veg. it makes for a completely different dish and is equally as nice, but I’m going to mash it because I like it that way best.

 So get your leftover vegetables, I’ve just used carrots and cabbage but any mixture of veg will do including potatoes, although I do think that there has to be cabbage. Mash it up either by hand or electric adding salt and ground white pepper.

 Don’t put too much oil in the pan; just enough to stop the veg sticking and put it on a fairly high eat because you want to get the crispy bits on the underside. When the pan is hot put the veg in and pat it into a burger shape, let it sizzle and heat through for about five or so minutes and turn it over. Carry on this process until you are satisfied that it has heated through then you are done.

 Plate it up with some slices of cold meat; I’ve used chicken because it’s really the only meat that I enjoy cold as much as I do hot.

 There..............A dollop of brown sauce, heaven.

More food pics are available at http://www.thartisttonyrose.co.uk/

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