Sunday, 26 February 2012

More of a Boast than a Post

I’ve just finished eating one of the most gorgeous Sunday roasts you could ever wish to eat. I’m not going to tell you how I cook it in this post, because this is more of a boast than a post.

 I love Sunday’s not just because it is my only day off, but also because I have 2 of the best meals, Smoked River Cobbler and Scrambled Eggs at around 10:30 am and then I wait until the evening to have roast chicken, roast potatoes, vegetables and the best gravy in the world.

 I think the gravy can make or break a good roast dinner, so take a look at my gravy post and give it a try.

 I live on my own which has its drawbacks but it also has its advantages especially on a Sunday when all the timings are up to me and me alone, I can have breakfast near lunchtime, drink scotch and coke while listening to music in the afternoon and have dinner with JP Chenet exactly when I want to.

 So I’m full now, its 8:00 pm I’m going to finish this post, watch some TV and then bed because I have to be up at the crack of dawn to feed the masses.

 Thanks for letting me think that you have the slightest interest in what I do on a Sunday, good night and god bless.

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