Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pangasious, have YOU tried it?

Pangasious, have YOU tried it?

In 2011 Pangasious came sixth in the National Fisheries Institute’s top ten list of most consumed seafood in the United States.

Pangasious is the scientific name for certain types of freshwater catfish found in Vietnam and neighbouring nations.

PangasiusThe kind I buy and cook for my own personal use is called River Cobbler and is farmed in the Mekong River  Delta region of Vietnam, I normally buy it fresh smoked or unsmoked , I eat it for breakfast pan fried with scrambled eggs or for dinner in a homemade  fennel and garlic sauce with mash or rice. 

We serve it at the hotel where I work, I buy it in as Pangasious frozen and we coat it with beer batter and serve it up as fish & chips. It’s very popular I’ve had it myself, it’s gorgeous, a very gentle flavoured white fish.

I love the flavour, the texture and the price, but I think the best thing is................NO BONES.
I’ve always been a lover of kippers but those irritating little bones just spoil my enjoyment, smoked haddock was always my favourite fish but...........BONES, anyway smoked River Cobbler is far superior in taste and texture. 

Why don't you get some and try it, then let me know what you think. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this 

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