Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Ultimate ShroveTuesday Breakfast

So you all know how to make pancakes, but just a quick reminder: -

 4 oz Plain Flour
2 eggs
Pinch of salt
210 ml milk
90 ml water
Mix it all together.

 The ultimate Shrove Tuesday breakfast, poached eggs and mushrooms on a pancake base.

 Poached Eggs
Boil about 3 inches of water in a pan, then turn down to half heat and break the eggs into the water leave them for about 3 minutes, or more if you like them a little more solid.

 Button mushrooms
Salte  the mushrooms in a little olive oil, I like to add some soy sauce I think that goes really well with mushrooms.

 While all that is going on cook your pancake and do you’re flipping as you probably do once a year, I know, when you actually flip it you feel really cool, I know I do.

 Arrange your eggs and mushrooms on the pancake and there it is. I had this, this morning as you can see from the photo’s I couldn’t wait for Tuesday.


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