Sunday, 25 March 2012

River Cobbler

River Clobbler

River Cobbler or to give it its correct name Pangasius
River Cobbler ~ Simple Food
Cobbler in Fennel & Garlic Sauce
is farmed in Vietnam, I found it about 5 years ago in 
my local supermarket and bought it as a cheaper 
alternative to smoked haddock. I found it tasted nicer 
and had no bones and I've been buying it on a weekly 
basis ever since.

I have River Cobbler at least twice a week and I love it, 
River Cobbler ~ Simple Food
Roasted River Cobbler 
Sunday mornings wouldn't be the same without
my smoked River Cobbler and scrambled eggs.

At present I am finding it more and more difficult 
to find the smoked variety, if anyone out there can 
throw any light on the reason why I would love to 
hear from you.

River Cobbler ~ Simple Food
Smoked River Cobbler Salad

If you are having unsmoked the best way to cook it is in a pan with some melted butter on a medium heat for about 5 minutes each side, before turning it over grind some black pepper and sea salt over it, turn it over and do the same on the cooked side.
River Clobbler
If you are having  smoked River Cobbler for your breakfast cook in the same way without the seasoning, then set it aside somewhere to keep warm. Put some milk and 2 eggs into the butter and fish juices and gently whisk, place back on the heat and cook as in normal scrambled egg.

River Clobbler

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