Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Healthy Eating, Choose Chicken

I love chicken and eat at least one chicken a week, I don’t have to watch my weight but I do have to watch my cholesterol so I like to eat more white meat than red but because I’m not dieting then I don’t mind to much how I cook it or what sauces I have with it.
Chicken is high in protein depending on what cut you use.
It is often recommended that dieters don’t eat the dark meat because it usually contains more calories than the white meat. But the dark meat is rich in myoglobin which is packed with iron contained in the muscle cells it also contains more vitamin B which is essential for the breakdown of fats and proteins, and zinc in fact it’s up in the top ten providers of zinc, number one being oysters.
 The dark meat contains more calories than the white meat and has more nutritional value, so if you are dieting don’t stay away from the dark meat altogether but be proportionate eat more of the white meat.
If you remove the skin from the breast you will be removing around 75% of the fat content, on an average size chicken breast that’s about 100 calories.
Chicken is a really healthy food option; it contains potassium, which is crucial to heart function, calcium which is best known for maintaining the strength and density of bones, and no carbohydrates.

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