Monday, 1 April 2013

Ready Meals Without a Trace of Horse DNA

I live on my own and I hate cooking for myself, I love to have people round for dinner in fact the more the merrier, but there’s something about cooking for yourself that is so unsatisfying.
So what do I do? I don’t like microwavable ready meals and I don’t want to have takeaways every day.

 I don’t see anything wrong with eating horse meat but I do like to know whether I’m eating it or not.
So my answer to this problem is..................COOK MY OWN MICROWAVABLE READY MEALS.

On a Sunday afternoon I cook a meal that’s enough for about five or six people, now I have five or six dinners, some kept in the fridge for the next few days and a couple in the freezer for another time.

Currently these meals are usually -:

Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes, Veg and Gravy

A roast chicken is a really versatile thing, for example you can have a curry with one of the breasts on Monday, another roast dinner on Tuesday and so on. Also in my opinion chicken is just as good cold as it is hot so I mash the vegetables and have cold chicken with bubble and squeak.

Cottage pie is one of my all time favourite meals, just make a big dish of it and portion it up for the freezer or keep it in the fridge and eat it till it’s gone.

Romanian chicken stew, easy and very tasty, a Romanian friend of mine used to make it for me so I got her to show me how to make it, I was surprised how simple it was.

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